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So many crazy things have been happening lately that have caused me to once again fall from my path to fitness. Recently my boyfriend ended up in the hospital (and just barely made it before he went into a coma) because of his sugar levels. (He’s a type one diabetic and wasn’t able to get his insulin refilled) Now I have motivation to eat healthier because he needs to watch what he eats. We may not make a lot of money, but we’re determined to buy ingredients and make our own food instead of eating out as much as we did in the past. We both work at the same place and would take our lunch breaks together which usually meant running to the nearest fast food place. Now, we began to pack lunches. Not only do we have more time to sit and relax, but it’s so much healthier. I also began drinking more water and I can already slowly feel my body thanking me.

I know this is kinda long and no one probably read it, but if you did, thank you.